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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  June 17, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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w cnn. >> since we are talking mr.s, microsoft i leak the breakout dealer. >> old school ncr. >> national cash register. i'm melissa lee, thanks for all investors, there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to he will you find it. mad money starts right now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." people want to make friends, i'm just trying to make you a little money. my job is not to entertain you, but to coach you and teach you, so call me. or tweet me. have the terrorists in iraq
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reached their high water mark? have housing starts in the united states hit bottom? has oil peaked? have interest rates begun to work their way up? do we need to cover our short positions? these questions define today's session and with the looks of it, nasdaq gains .37%, investors are answering each of these positively. in some cases, extremely positively. for starters, this was the first day where i heard talk that the insurgents in iraq might finally have met their match. i think that the initial moves by the isis rebels, a group so crazy, it was kicked out of al-qaeda for being too extreme, were so swift they took the lame iraqi government by surprise. the sunni dominated areas of iraq seem -- but now, they seem
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to have run into a wall of better iraqi soldiers and possibly, the united states military. there's a coalition for you. that bigger defense, it would seem the best move for the rebels would be to consolidate their xwans unless they have serious reenforcements coming. if you recall, the beginning of the coverage of the russian annexation of crimea after pro western protesters outed the pro russian president, all you kept hearing over and over was the phrase, tensions escalate. you get up every morning and hear that tensions had further escala escalated. they actually stopped even as reporters continued to say that they were being heighteneded. the stock market told you the tensions were easing. only later, much too late to make any money in the market off of it did the press recognize that russia wasn't going to
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mount the full blown invasion and tensions had melted away. now, wopderring if the same could be happening in iraq. isis had a ton of friends in the iraq sunni areas, therefore didn't take much manpower to capture those areas. the triangle was pretty much a separate region keeping u.s. soldiers from killing each other, but it's a different story and just when the breathless journalists claim tensions are mounting, they maybe in fact dying down. plus, even if president obama wanted to send in more planes, it was pretty much impossible to defend the northern portions of iraq since bombing cities are the real predicament. the big oil fields south of iraq are a different story. they're in gigantic planes, so if the insurgents want to go
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there, they'd be incredibly vulnerable and pitiful iraqi air force wouldn't have much trouble bombing them. those oil fields don't fall in the price of crude. they're too high. hence why the airlines gained back today and home depot and target rallied even though there was no news. just they were beginning to factor in a $5 gallon gasoline. in other words, they, too, were e flereflecting more isis victories, but if the oil orkers are staying at their jobs, then these stocks are also too low. it's a fluid situation that ukraine was, but the russians stopped pressing the offensive and the same might be the case for the isis in iraq, which is why the market rallied after falling at the beginning of the day. back to america. we had some disturbing news this morning about inflation and housing. >> the house of pain.
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>> we had a pretty hot inflation rate of 1.4%. housing starts and permits haven't snapped back despite the better weather. now, doesn't that sound like a prescription or recipe for lower stock prices? initially was received that way, but this market quickly develops a mind of its own. rapidly takes hold during the day and then it won't let go for the whole session. frankly, it's kind of comical. but let me take a stab at it. first positive. the fed speaks tomorrow about interest rates. housing so weak the fed will be afraid to stop trying to keep rates low because it needs mortgages to be affordable, so many people can be put to work in the home building sector. at the same time, interest rates themselves had to rise today because of the high inflation number, so the second positive. when rates go higher, the banks go higher. fact of life, higher rates are perceived as good news for all financials as they can make more money with higher rates.
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we're at an important period. there are no earnings. particularly no bank earnings about to be announced. hence the third president obama ti tifftive. the absence of facts about bank earnings allows us to fantasize that they might improve because rates have inkeeted. now, let's put it all together. if rates are going up, inspiring the key group, the financials, to rally, if gasoline's going down because the rebels in iraq may have hit their high water mark, inspiring buying into consumer related stocks and if the fed is on hold because of housing, then that's going the lead the short sellers so buy in their positions because they've lost a host of bear cases against the market all twuns. what happens when you lose the arguments that have worked so well? keep the market down. then the hedge funds which had
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made big bets have to capitulate and close out their bets against the market. the preponderance of the short positions were in the high flier momentum stocks. with just a few short weeks ago, were all wilting. now, with the positive economic backdrop as well as the cessation of insider selling and fewer ipos plus a derth of earnings news, it's become quite painful. hedge funds have seen some of their favorites erupt with good news and boosted price targets. they've seen takeovers in software companies that make them fearful to lose that you are years with negative bets. open table? idenex? at the same time, some of these seemingly short positions have just plain come undone with no hope of downgrades in sight to create some havoc and bring down
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the stocks. we need sellers, people. analysts don't downgrade. they dig out of their fox holes and climb back on the sales force band wagon and that's nho sales force, which looked like it had been overrun, had zoomed higher single session gave out a point every hours. i think the move up in cloud based stocks like sales force will continue again tomorrow. because of the excellent earningings we just got this ooempk sending the stock soaring after the close. the shorts just got trampled, this is some good news coming, or at least the absence of bad news. of course, with we were just in earnings season, i don't know if this move could be pulled off, but in this market, no earnings news is good earnings news and bulls won't wait around until the press declares tensions are lessening in iraq. by the time that happens, the move will be over.
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tyler, my home state of new jersey. tyler -- >> hi, jim. >> what's up? >> man, this stock got hammered yes. down over 12% because how to train your dragon 2 missed expectations. >> i looked at that report and i read a lot, some of the downgrade and i'd like to be optimistic. i can't. that's just, that company's performing really poorly. why can't you buy some disney? disney's hitting it out of the park. go buy some disney. marie in california. >> hi, jim. >> what's up, marie? >> is it time to revisit -- and lbs? >> yes, had a bad month, people right off steve wynn, that's always been the case. you get one bad month, they want to sell them. i want to buy them. i think they're good. in this market, the bulls wait for no one. investors answer some questions
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positively and that meant the bears scrambled to cover shorts. tonight, are you still celebrating after america's big world cup win? well, wait until you see toni t tonight's contender for cramer's cup. i've drilled down to find an international guest to help you score big and it's the most devastating disease of our time. cancer. tonight, i've got a company with a revolutionary blood test that could turn the tables on this disease. plus, the three silicon valley stocks could belong in your portfolio right now. stick with cramer. >> don't miss a second of mad money. have a question? tweet cramer.
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citi mobile. pack your bathing suit? wearing it. niiice bank from almost anywhere with the citi mobile app. ouch. i got to say something, some of the hottest stocks in this
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market -- they're just going to have to start going up without me. some have taken on a degree of risk again, but i'm not comfortable. i've got stay on the sidelines because i don't want to cost any more money by being too aggressive. we've seen the rebound taking place in the most expensively valued stocks. it started when failed to go down is now moving higher, creating an umbrella for the whole software service. the mauve accelerated when the market closed for service names an the one trick pony. it gave more steam to insider selling heat once the twitter lock up. then merck's acquisition, priceline's purchase of open table, causing short -- the stocks like red hat, workday, bio techs, not isis is terror group. big tech will probably move up
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tomorrow because of adobe adobe's terrific numbers. they've rebounded nicely from their lows. so let me say that as someone who comes out here every night and talks about stocks, i feel chastened by the declines these high fliers endured. i said it would take buyouts to drive these stocks higher and we got all three and that's why we've within going up. but what matters now that we've gone back is risk management. the other day, i talked about how tesla could be facing increased competition, maybe from bmw. whatever for that. that's okay. from now on, tesla's got to go up without me and it probably will go higher. i just cant make a case for its valuation. got plenty of cheap stocks that i like very much that i believe would do just fine. i'm okay watching tesla go higher here without me.
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i feel the same about amazon. exciting company. can't wait for david faber's special at the end of the month, however, i can't make a case for owning it because i know so many companies with actual earnings per share, they're inexpensive. i don't want to take that risk right now. i like many of the software service companies. i think you could own one of them. is the cheapest, but you need to recognize they're closing in again on the areas that got crushed last time around. still like netflix? been consistent in my support. i recognize that i'd like them to take over target, but it's gotten risky when i start he hearing things like the $500 morgan stanley target. which brings me to google, apple and facebook. good sales growth, inexpensive valuations, that's why i own all
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three for my charitable trust. they're less risky. the bottom line is that i know many of you want me to be more aggressive. i know you want me to say buy to tesla. push amazon every day. sorry. i'm not going to do that. the scars of march, april and may have just healed. for now, call me selective. responsibility and prudence must play a role in investing and after this run in the high fliers, excuse me if i exercise a little bit of both. john in california. >> boo-yah from the sac valley. >> what's going on? >> okay, i love your show. a while back, you had the ceo of nwbo on and after he was on, he put up like 4 million shares of solar the next day. i didn't think this was too cool. but now, i see the stock's coming back. i held on to it and what's the
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latest news on nwbo? >> i got to do work. i am sorry. i didn't like what you described what happened, so let me come back on it. go to dan, and we will. dan in pennsylvania, please, dan. >> it's cramer. boo-yah from pennsylvania. >> nice. what's up? >> i'm talking about wright energy. up earlier this year, 50%. i wonder if there's room for value at this point. >> i like rice very much. this was day one of the old decline, if the isis move in iraq is stopped right now, we're going to have three to four days of decline and then we can pick up rice, that's -- i'm trying to do a little selective when it comes to these high fliers. some will have to go up without
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me. i am sorry. there's more mad money ahead. i'm talking to the company target is turning to. should you be turning to them, too? stay with cramer. >> coming up, goal hunting. the nation's buzzing off of america's victory over ghana, but are your stocks capable of pulling off big wins? mad money's helping you scout the best players in the world. tonight, an exotic energy play in the middle of a transformation. when cramer's cup continues.
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welcome back to the mad money world cup cramer's cup, if you will. as soccer teams from around the globe compete for the real thing down in brazil and to my nonamerican viewers, i know the game is called football. we're taking a look at at the countries that look like the strongest competitors and on friday, we'll declare our own wirn. now, even though the u.s. team won a surprising victory over ghana last night, sadly, i don't consider america to be a serious contender. it's about our sport. although i was a tremendous albeit somewhat competitive
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coach of girls ages 4 to 12. no, instead, i think the most likely winners could be the netherlands, mexico, spain, brazil, england. last night, we kicked off the competition with the dutch, talking about unileaver. since the dutch team demolishes the reigning world champions from spain, i think it's only fair we include a second way to play the netherlands. when you think of the nether launds, you probably imagine dikes and windmills and clogs and maybe legalize mariner marijuana, but i think about oil. specifically royal dutch shell. rds. the integrated oil company out of holland. ordinarily, regular viewers know i like the northern american independent exploration companies more than shell.
6:24 pm
i like eog, fie neapioneer, you. the u.s. industry is building and i prefer a way with companies that are harnessing these oil fields to deliver phenomenal production and even though the price is elevated because of libyan and iraqi tension, this rising tide is going to lift ships more than others. in other words, i think the end pends will benefit more. so why am i recommending shell? upstream, downstream, petro, chemicals when it's nothing like the oil stocks i get behind. simple. because the link the manager -- just a few month, royal dutch is a fabulous turn around story. sell, sell, sell, buy, buy, buy. the big integrated may seem like poor, helpless giants, but shell is getting its act together.
6:25 pm
here's a far flung country in 140 countries, massive production that has been a struggle for years, lagging the rest of the industry and mismanaging its properties, particularly its huge american shale assets. they've had multiple cost over runs. sub par refining business. in short, shell has been a real under -- nigeria, kazakhstan shaved off $5.1 billion from their earnings. talk about shrinkage. they let more than 5 billion smackers slip through their fingers. i really believe that shell has begun to turn around. all this is still in its infancy. why? because the former ceo who for the last three years had caused the stock to rally four points
6:26 pm
in three years. finally retired. was replaced as chief executive officer on january 1st by then man -- who's a respected 30-year veteran of shell. now, a lot of veterans wanted an outside to come and take the reigns, but has been doing everything right with a renewed focused on profitability and cash play. second, at shell's annual meeting, they laid out an agenda that was all about improving the company's financial performance. he said it's unacceptable that shell spent $80 billion last year in its north american assets with its oil product segment, yet the company lost $2 billion and posed 4% return. i believe he will impose a lot more disciplines divisions which would have been horrendous.
6:27 pm
specifically, the company plans to reduce its organic spendture budget by 8%. just got to manage the assets better. they have a number of big prokts coming online that i think soon should help shell boost its production. last year, they started up seven major properties and they're starting another four this year in the gulf of mexico and malays malaysia. by the end of next year, van bearden plans to have sold $15 billion of unwanted assets. they've sold a number of downstream operations, refining marketing distribution. in february, they sold their italian retail and aviation business to -- businesses everywhere. the company has sold refineries all over europe. egypt, spain, greece and sweden. plus, just this morning, we learned shell is selling 19% of its minority stake in woodside for $5 billion.
6:28 pm
i think that makes it easy for van buren to deliver on its $15 billion promise. he will get a red card on its promise. our props department is second only to cable access channel 36. this company's paying you handsomely to wait for the turn around. it yields 4.5. shell is the highest yielded group also because it's been an underperformer. just boosted the -- 4% a little more than six weak weeks ago. i think we use to cash the increase the company's buy back or boost its dividend. when shell reported at the end of april, the company blew away the numbers in what was van beard's performance as ceo. i'm not saying there won't be bumps in the road because this company has been bad. but i think the turn is for real and you're being paid to wait
6:29 pm
with that big dividend and shell trades in a discount to major integrated oils even though it may have more upside thanks to this turn around, but people don't believe it's disappointed for too many year. if you're buying shell for a tax point, by the b shares. because that way, you avoid the 15% holding tax and stick with the b shares if you make enough money to be hit with the with holding tax. the bottom line, royal dutch shell is paying you a huge dividend to wait as the company turns itself around under the leadership of a new ceo. i think this base turn around play could be a real world cup contender as this cup runneth over with -- brian in florida. brian. >> jim, a big happy boo-yah to you from lauderdale, florida.
6:30 pm
i wanted to know about natural resources. i want to get your opinion on whether that's a good move or a bad move. >> first, i think the new mkt team is pretty good and casse sa blan kai can put in what they want. the problem is it's the industry. it just doesn't matter. they make iron ore. terrible. valle is the best iron ore company in the world and they can't make money, so i say don't buy. robert in texas. robert. >> boo-yah. >> boo-yah. >> i really enjoy your program, mr. cramer. >> thank you. and. >> and my question is i bought some fid about a year, year and a half ago. and it's been kind of fluctuating and i believe it's down now. should i continue to hold? >> brazilian industrial is not for me. i know that i want to world cup,
6:31 pm
i love the world cup, i love watching it. i like certain companies in brazil, but none of the industrials because i think that brazil is just too difficult to gain. this is cramer's cup, when we find out which countries that can ball can also boost your bottom line. tonight's contender, go for the dutch touch with some rds. company's paying and waiting for a great turn around. still more ahead. a high pro file head hunter up 50%. i say we find out if it's an opportunity. then i'm heading off to take a look at the little known company that's fighting back against cancer in a big way, plus, the lightning round is just ahead. stick with cramer.
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what happened to -- international today? kfy is a global talent play, finding everything from executive recruitment, succession planning and outsourcing services. this stock is a terrific tell
6:35 pm
for the high skills segment of the job market. the fact it's rallied 49% since we spoke to the ceo 11 months ago tells us we're still in a tale of two cities economy. while the vast majority of still see their wages stagnate. what really shocked a lot of people was how they reported what to all appearances seemed like a good quarter last night. earnings beat off a 39 cent basis, rose 10% year over year and broad base strength across the company. yet the stock after rallying nicely in afterhours, got crushed today. why? i think there's a lot of quibbling here with earnings per share number. had a seven-cent tax benefit, so if you exclude that, the beat turns into a miss. it's operating margin declined versus the previous quarter, which may have made buyers skit itch. still, it's a high quality company with a stock that's been
6:36 pm
marching higher the past couple of years. i think this could represent a rare entry point to do some buying. let's check in with the ceo, author of the 12 absolutes of leadership. find out more about the quarter and where his company's headed. welcome back. >> great to be here. >> i was reading through the notes, people were saying level of growth, upside moderating, this is one of those moments where the company is going to take a pause. we followed each other. more importantly, you've got so much business you're adding people and people cost money. as you know. and i think that that was what kind of hurt the stock that your business is too good. >> well, we think it's good. you know, listen, this is a cyclical company. we're very much investing. we think we've got a you know, a multihundred million dollar opportunity in front of us. now, you have a 136 million, i
6:37 pm
have you in free cash. only 25% of it's domestic. we know about these companies will be able to use their cash, but with that nice cash cushion, even after all the awards and bonuses you have to pay out, isn't it time if this stock goes down to announce the big bye back everybody wants? >> first and foremost, we want to invest in business. we think we've got a great opportunity to build off this heritage. and now, what we're doing is investing in markets that are bigger than search markets. >> the revenue outsourcing business, which is a fabulous business as you've seen other companies come on and talk about. >> listen, the leadership development business is big and the outsourcing business around knowledge workers and as a ceo, you're in the what and how business, but ultimately, you're in the people business and so, what we're trying to do is transform a business rather than being reactive and doing one
6:38 pm
thing, taking this great access and talking about leadership development, talking about succession plan. that's what we're doing with the plan. >> for the top guys, talking to my executive producer, what does it take now to get the top ceo job? in light of some things that have happened in the news that the guy who has experience in cyber terrorism and people hacking is a guy who now has a leg up on other people. is that true? >> the world has changed. we were the victim of a cyber attack. i get this call at 9:30 at night from the lawyers an these, you're under cyber attack. what? you're under cyber attack, i said, what? it's everywhere. any business you look at today, so, certainly, you've got to be cognizant of that and know how to deal with it. >> industrial, 25%. where is that? what kind of industries? oil and gas?
6:39 pm
who's doing that much business? >> yeah, sure. energy is hot. automotive is very, very good. aerospace is also good. the natural resources have taken a pause given what's happened with china, but we see a nice improvement in the industrial business. >> but you're still in good business in asia pacific. rig right? >> very good business in asia pacific. that's almost 20% of our organization. in the business was very, very strong. >> okay, financial services wasn't that bad and yet, i keep seeing the firings of financial services, so what part of these outfits are hiring? >> well, listen, there's a fight for talent. kind of feels like the '90s without the consumer and without capital markets, but investment banks are higher throughout financial services. whether it's asset management or insurance or investment banking. >> one of the metrics that
6:40 pm
surfaced that i'm trying to get my hands around, revenue per consultant was minus 1%. is that an important metric? i'd like to see them be in a positive. >> it is a very important metric and that was mitigated by the fact that we continue to invest into the organization, promote from within, but also bring people from the outside. so that would certainly temper the revenue per consultant. >> i just want to get this. growth, this is a note from william blair. growth in north america is starting to slow a little up 4% in the quarter because of tougher comparisons. is that an accurate statement, that your business is starting to slow in north america? >> i don't think that's accurate. i wouldn't say that. you've got the summer months now where it will be seasonal and our guidance reflected that seas seasonality. >> that's what i thought. i felt that was a too down beat view. i think tough comparison is
6:41 pm
important, but when you hire as you know, because you hire for other companies, you have to train an when you train, that's ek pence and that's where you are right now in your cycle, isn't it? >> that's correct, jim. >> i think it's an opportunity, but it's been straight up since we saw you last so maybe that's what's been going on. thanks so much for coming on the show, sir. >> thank you, jim. >> when gary was on last, nobody wanteded to stop and we said buy it. after today, i say buy it. "mad money's" back after the break. [ both ] when we arrived at our hotel in new york,
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ready? it's time for the lightning round. start with carolyn in arizona. >> hello, jim. thanks for your great advice. bought crown castle in october for his college account. should we hold or sell? >> i want you to hold. they're all in place to be more. in new hampshire. mark. >> yes, boo-yah, what a winner. i was curious about what's -- >> i like west lake. it's really inexpensive. mission wells has been so right on this it bothers me. a winner. go to jim in illinois. jim. >> boo-yah, mr. cramer. >> jim, what's up? >> my question is on amerigas. i've owned it, added it to my position about a month ago. the news about energy transfers affiliate to offer 8.5 million shares was a little bit
6:46 pm
concerned. >> told us when they did that teal, they were going to do that. got a 7.5% yield, that's hard to come by. barry in california. >> hey, jim. how are you doing? >> how with you? >> pretty good. want to ask you about some significant down days with no news then today came out with some suspect accounting practi e practic practices. kind of smells to me like insider or big money getting information before the small money. what's your take on chicago bridge and iron works? >> i think it's a conservative, well-run company. i'm surprised that this firm came forward and said that. obviously, i don't like any situation where there's accounting irregularities. i think it's a conservative company. i bet a few weeks from now, we'll find out it wasn't that bad. how about dan in connecticut? >> hey, mr. cramer. nice university boo-yah to you.
6:47 pm
>> i like that. how can i help? >> i've been following smith & wesson since it was at $9 a share and they have earnings coming up this thursday. what do you think? >> when you look at the breakdowns of what the big sporting good companies are saying about guns, they indicate it's key. i do not want to go in ahead of that quarter. ross? >> hello, i am a college student with holding in halliburton, exxon mobil and conocophillips. i'm wondering if i should consolidate. >> halliburton is a point off its 52-week high. i would sell that. i don't think there's a lot of upside there. the one thing you have to remember is that conoco has had such a move, take some off the table. 68 in 80s in a straight line. john in california. john. >> hi, jim. boo-yah to you. from san diego. >> nice.
6:48 pm
>> i'm calling about vertex pharmaceuticals. >> very negative article talking about how there was a presentation, people didn't like vertex. i like celgene. still the cheapest, but looking at 2017 earnings and most people are looking at yesterday. bob in pennsylvania. >> great show and great staff. >> fabulous staff. >> last night, you talked about takeover targets ba based on advantages. >> i think mylan's going to do a deal and every time, i say why didn't i recommend. i typically do not like commodity makers of products. they are low cost producer, but i invite the program anymore. be my guest and that ladies and gentlemen is the conclusion of the lightning round. [ indistinct shouting ] ♪
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want to catch a clims in the future of a given industry and you should want to because the clearer view of the future, the better you'll likely to be at picking stocks. then sometimes, you have to check out the privately held companies as these are often far more innovative than their larger brethren. that's why tonight, we're going
6:52 pm
off the take with a private company founded six years ago trying to transform the way we treat cancer. it's all about personalized medicine. creating tests that allow doctors to taylor their treatments to the needs of individual patients at the genetic level. first, there's liquid bopsy. a blood test designed to replace a tissue biopsy. once the blood is collected, it's shipped to the lab for analysis. second, there's clear i.d., high-tech monitoring program for breast cancer patients. it can catch thipgs a mammogram can't. this test can tell you what kind of cancer you're dealing with by assessing 50 genes. the system might be able to address lung, prostate, rectal cancers.
6:53 pm
let's take a closer look with the ceo of biosystems and dr. paul dempsey, the chief scientific officer. welcome to "mad money." when i read, andre, what you're doing, it almost seems like it's a holy grail. it's a blood test that tells you whether you have cancer and what you can do with it. >> yeah, that's correct. it is the product of sequencing the human genome, so we put that to work with a blood test. >> where is it in terms of you talk about -- you're in the mix. >> we are. yes, we launched a lab last year and we are testing people currently and we have our technology available as a platform if pharmaceutical companies or other testing companies want to install it.
6:54 pm
>> paul r rs there's a lot in your presentation that says a test can be used at all stages of the cancer care cycle, for retest if someone has a relapse. it is risk free to parkents and has no false positives? how can that be possible? >> that's the way the test was designeded. it can work at all stages because it is simply a blood draw, so anytime a doctor needs to interrogate a patient, he can simply pick another blood draw and ask the same question again. we built the test based on the performance we saw, so we were able to set the threshold so it didn't give us false positives. >> now, the standard of care hasn't caught up with the tests, right? doctors didn't think it was necessary to continue to retest, but this is harmless retesting. >> the interaction with the patient is harmless because unfortunately, a cancer patient donates blood regularly for various different tests. the value to the doctor is as
6:55 pm
the disease progresses or as the patient goes through rounds of treatment, the disease changes and it's necessary to understand how those changes reflect the best clinical decision for that patient. >> talk about the personalized medicine approach. we're seeing a lot of biotechs come on and they're targeting things. presume without yours, they'll have medicines that can target something, but won't know who it can target. >> most anti-cancer agents are ineffective three quarters of the time. so, this is a way to personalize the treatment, to understand for each patient how that tumor is evolving and whether they're going to respond to a new drug or a combination of new drugs. >> when i look at your board and i see all the major cancer hospitals, i have to wonder, why would they, a big drug company, ever wait for you to go public? why wouldn't i just try to buy it now if it's got the holy grail? >> well, we'd like to grow the company. it's just going commercial now,
6:56 pm
so we'd like to get a little larger and give our shareholders a bigger outcome. we also see ourselves going perhaps to the street. >> paul, these other cancers, is that just wishful thinking or do you have a path? >> not at all. it's true that cancers are more related than dissimilar, but a test needs to be optimized for the source of the disease. there are things that can be changed to make the information more useful to the doctor and to give a stronger signal for the patient. there are developments that we're doing to bring these other diseases online. >> this seems to be the way to deal with cancer. the ceo, dr. dempsey, the chief scientific officer. stick with cramer. when folks think about what they get from alaska, they think salmon and energy. but the energy bp produces up here creates something else as well:
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jobs all over america. engineering and innovation jobs. advanced safety systems & technology. shipping and manufacturing. across the united states, bp supports more than a quarter million jobs. when we set up operation in one part of the country, people in other parts go to work. that's not a coincidence. it's one more part of our commitment to america.
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adobe recorded a monster quarter. once again, that group is back in vogue.
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tw pharma one of my favorite specks. i see the stock knocked down. i think that being on it is an opportunity. opportunity. just for you, i'm >> narrator: in this episode of "american greed"... kwame kilpatrick... the youngest mayor in the history of detroit. >> i was elected mayor at age 31 years old because i dared mighty things for the citizens of my city. >> there were many people who believed that he was the next generation of leadership. >> narrator: a leader who many hope will bring the swagger back to the motor city. >> he was the hip-hop mayor. he was hanging out with the athletes. >> narrator: but his outrageous temptations lead to unimaginable corruption. >> from the day he walked in, this was about, "how can i make kwame kilpatrick, my family, and my friends richer?" >> the mayor had $840,000 in unexplained cash in his pe


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